The Main Function of the University is to Disseminate Serious Knowledge through, Teaching, Research and Publishing of Scholarly Works.

Whilst steady and satisfactory progress has been maintained at the University of Khartoum in the fold of teaching and research, publishing, vital to these academic activities were totally lacking although scholarly publication remain the most important factor in judging progress and determining the promotion of a member of the staff.

To remedy this situation and to enable the university to embark on an acute and effective programmed of publishing designed not merely to satisfy its own requirements, but also to meet an active national need, the decision was taken to establish a full-fledged university publishing house on similar lines to the other university presses in the world.

A modest start was made in 1965 with the aim of establishing of small printing unit with the technical advice of the UNESCO, including the services of a printing expert. The first stage was completed and production started in 1967. In its first stage capacity was small but powerful, this included letter press printing and book-binding plant designed for the production of high standard books and local journals. The plant is equipped for works in Arabic, including classical Arabic in its fully accented form, English and other western European languages.

In the second stage, additional machinery and equipments were added to increase the capacity and efficiency of the printing house, installment of ( e.g. Litho-offset machinery with its various complements, which came into full production during 1969-1970. Recently the Printing House was equipped with some modern technology of printing ( speed master, folding and binding machines).

As an academic institution whose main aim is the dissemination and spread of serious knowledge, the press gives high priority to the publication of scholarly book and learned journals in the different fields of knowledge, The publishing activities of the press, however are not confined to this sphere alone, it engaged with equal zeal in the general and cultural publishing