Mission and Vision

    This is particularly necessary in the absence of proper publishing facilities in the country, while in the educational field the press is aspiring to meet the acute shortage of school text-books, reference works and other educational books. The main objectives of KUP are :-

1-      To revive and publish works of earlier Sudanese writers and poets.

2-      To discover and encourage authors of merits in all fields of literature and general culture.

3-      To revitalize the cultural life and encourage world cultural dialogue by selected translations.

4-      To encourage Academic Staff to prepare and write books and manuscripts in several fields of sciences and knowledge.

     Finally the most significant role of Khartoum University press is to play the role of meeting the acute shortage in references in Sudan especially references about the Sudan , and references written by the Sudanese themselves. No doubt Sudan is African miniature, for physically, culturally and ethically the Republic of the Sudan is a microcosm of Africa, right at the heart of Africa, sharing borders with seven other African States, enjoying a wide diversity of climatic and geographic zones, having one of the longest and most eventful history in the World, Sudan is an interesting field of study for scholars and students of natural sciences, linguistics, sociology, economy, history, and politics.
In addition to our publications, we are ready to supply and distribute other Sudanese publications.